Welcome to Rich Photography

"Now everyone can see the beauty I see." Hi, I am Richard Koh and I live in the North Eastern part of Singapore. I started photography when I was in my teens, using friends' cameras whenever there was an opportunity, capturing family, friends on our memorable activities. I bought my own camera when my children arrived. Using point and shoot film cameras, shooting every moment of their growth and development. Before I realised, I have shot more than a hundred albums and used up 5 cameras .

My love for photography quickly grew when digital cameras came to the scene. By then I was running a computer business and had the opportunity to acquire the first few models that were available, starting from Casio, Sony, Canon and Panasonic. I went into serious photography when I got my first DSLR, a Pentax K10 and started to learn the fine skill of photography through professional photographer friends. Today, I use Nikon cameras and lenses and Fujifilm mirrorless camera. I attend lots of photo exhibitions, lectures, exhibit some of my own and participating in photo competitions.

I shoot all sort of photos, from travel, landscapes, streets, buildings, nature and wildlife because my work takes me to many countries. Photography connects to everyone, from the young, adults to seniors regardless of nationality, race, language and religion. However, from where I grew up, a countryside environment, I realised my deep love for nature and have developed a passion to capture them, from flowers, fruits & trees, insects, birds, reptiles and animals. Hence, most of my photos here are about nature.

Photography is more than just a hobby now, it has become a part of me. At home, I do freelance photography for events such as for the community, birthday, wedding, graduation, corporate, education etc. I also teach and coach photography.

From the works shown in this site, I find myself quite a versatile photographer. Do enjoy viewing the photos and drop in a few words in my guest book at "PLEASE SAY HELLO".

If you have any photography assignment, do contact me. I do professional photography services for :

1. Personal/Family Portfolio.
2. Birthday Parties, Private Parties, Graduations and Wedding Shots.
3. Corporate Events of all kind.
4. Real Estate archive photos.
5. Giving talks on photography.
6. Teaching photography hands-on in the field.
7. Teaching photography post processing on Mac/PC/iPad.
8. Teaching on how to share your photos in the web.
9. Creating & Printing of Photobook.
10. Able to travel for overseas assignment.

Thank you.

With Love & Blessings.

Richard Koh