Leo - richardkoh


  • Leo

    on April 9, 2012

    Richard is not only a very professional photographer, he is also one who allows you to enjoy the process while he takes your picture. I can testify to it as I did outdoor photoshoots with him. I did 2 photoshoots with him at 2 locations; Waterway @ Punggol and Railway Track @ Old Rifle Range Road, and both simply turned out to be fabulous artworks that exceeded my standards for photography. Even though I was the model, it was Richard's professional photography techniques that projected the overall beauty in the pictures taken by him. He is also experienced and guided me in the poses and expressions I should give for the perfect picture. I enjoyed the overall experience with Richard as my photographer and I would not hesitate to engage his services in future. I truly would recommend Richard to friends and people who are looking not just for top-notch photography services but also a fun and enjoyable experience.